A classic negative change in ratings for a stock, and or other rated security. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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downgrade down‧grade [ˈdaʊngreɪd] verb [transitive]
1. to give something less importance, for example by spending less money on it or reducing its value:

• The drug company is planning to downgrade some of its products from prescription status.

2. HUMAN RESOURCES to make someone's job less important or well-paid than it was before:

• Eighty-eight middle managers had been made redundant, downgraded or fired.

• Services have been reduced and temporary contracts are being used to downgrade or replace qualified staff.

— compare upgrade1
3. ECONOMICS to reduce an amount or value that you had calculated or guessed:

• Analysts downgraded four-year profit projections and exposed the fledgling company to the harsher side of stockmarket life.

• The company's long-term debt-rating has been downgraded from triple-A to double-A-2.

— compare upgrade1

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   The reduction of credit rating for a borrowing institution or its debt instruments. Opposite to upgrade.
   ► See also Credit Rating, Upgrade.

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downgrade UK US /ˌdaʊnˈgreɪd/ US  /ˈdaʊngreɪd/ verb [T]
FINANCE to state that something such as a company is likely to produce less profit or growth, to be less able to pay back debt, etc. than was previously thought: »

downgrade stocks/shares

downgrade sth's rating/status »

Investment bank Merrill Lynch downgraded the company's status from 'buy' to 'neutral'.


The Chancellor blamed higher oil prices for the downgraded growth forecast.

HR to make a job less senior, skilled, or important than before, or to put someone into a less senior or important job: »

The new contracts effectively downgraded their jobs to match their colleagues' lower pay.


The agreement may lead to one in six staff being downgraded.

downgrade UK US /ˈdaʊnɡreɪd/ noun [C]
FINANCE a statement that something such as a company's profit, ability to pay back debt, etc. will be less than was expected: »

A credit rating downgrade would raise their cost of borrowing.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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